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Where did the name, Pimlico come from?

Best place for irish drins in houston

Photo provided by Michael Walsh

Our sign has not lasted as long as we'd hoped, but this is the sign as it was created in Pennsylvania

Photo provided by Michael Walsh

This is a photo from the 1970's.  The address is 61-62 Pimlico Street, Dublin 8.

This pub, back then, belonged to the McElroy family and they lived in the flat right above the pub.  Kevin McElroy, of Pimlico Irish Pub, Houston and his brothers and sister would play in this neighborhood.  To honor his late father, and to keep the family tradition of pub owners, Kevin named his pub in Houston....Pimlico!

​You might see the phrase, "An Irish Pub, A Dublin Tradition" associated with Houston's Pimlico - this is the meaning behind it.