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Houston's Authentic Irish Pub

Guinness Excellence Award

810 Waugh - 77019

Across from Whole Foods

 Prepare for Paddy's Day - It's a 2-Week Party! 

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Saturday 3/11/17 - Noon - We will be in the parade!  Follow us to Pimlico immediately following the parade!

The original "Pimlico" in Dublin

Source:  Michael Walsh

Super Bowl in Houston

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Monday 3/13/17

Saturday 3/11/17 - 2PM-2AM - The Parade After Party is at Pimlico Pub:  Irish-Texan Craft Market (Handmade), Promo Give-a-ways, Irish Stew, Green Beer,  Cottage Pie, Bagpipes, Homemade Locally Sourced Food, and lots more!